Original Belgian 22 bore Double Barrel Percussion Fowling Piece with Carved Stock - circa 1850

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This Belgian-made 22 bore fowling piece / shotgun is unsigned on the exterior, but is most likely intended for export, possibly to the U.S. Frontier market, which was booming during the 1850s. Domestic production could not keep up with the demand, so fowlers were imported in some quantities from Europe.

The fowling piece features all iron lightly engraved mounts, except for the barrel wedge escutcheons, which are nickel silver. The locks are heavily engraved as well, giving it a great look. The gun has an overall length of 40 1/2 inches, with double 26 inch barrels. It features a fantastic carved stock, with a Stag's head carved onto the bottom of the butt stock, showing "6 Point" antlers on each side. There are even glass "eyes", though we suspect this is a later addition.

There are no markings on the barrel rib or locks, however the the left side of the barrel is marked with both "Perron" Tower of Liège, indicating manufacture in Belgium. The under side of the barrel also bears the standard E / L G / * in an oval, also for Liège, as well as some other markings we cannot make out. This small country, which only gained independence in the early 19th century, had long been a firearms production powerhouse, with Liège being the center of manufacturing.

Overall condition is good, with a lovely "frontier worn" style patina. The metalwork shows a worn used patina, especially on the barrel, acquired from years of cleaning and use. Both locks function, however due to wear on the tumbler they will both fire at half and full cock. The brass fit ramrod looks to be original, and has a clearing worm attachment on the narrow end. The fitting does however fall off the end of the cleaning rod though, so it can get stuck inside the stock, which requires removing the barrel to retrieve.

A typical example of what many Americans carried on the frontier, in lovely worn condition and ready to display!


Year of Manufacture: circa 1850
Caliber: 22 gauge / bore
Cartridge Type: Cap and Powder with Shot
Barrel Length: 26 Inches

Overall Length: 40 1/2 Inches
Action type: Back Action Percussion Locks
Feed System: Muzzle Loaded

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