Original Belgian 12 Gauge Double Barrel Hammer Coach Shotgun by Wm. Broadhurst - c. 1885

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The trade name of"William Broadhurst" was owned by Somonet, Janssen & Dumoulin of LIÈGE, the gun-making city of Belgium. They were arms manufacturers who supplied countless shotguns and other firearms into the United States between 1873 and 1914, when WW1 interrupted transportation. Their U.S. distributor was Schoverling, Daley & Gales of New York city who supplied retail outlets throughout the United States.

Our example is a double 18" barrel 12 gauge "scatter gun" commonly referred to as a Coach Gun due to their great popularity with Stage Coach lines and the Railway systems. The gun is in nice shape, and bores are clear, with some oxidation peppering. The action is nickel plated, most of which is still retained, and quite attractive. The standard top lever pushed to the side, opening the chambers for reloading. The barrel strap is marked BELGIUM DAMASCUS FINISH, and the top of the right barrel is marked CHOKE BORE.

Removing the forestock allows the barrels to be removed from the receiver. This reveals the markings on the barrel underside of both the "Tower of Liège" proof mark as well as E / L G / * in a "Crowned" oval, indicating manufacture and inspection in Liège, Belgium. There are additional markings giving the specifications of the barrels, including that the left barrel has a CHOKE.

The left lock plate is stamped Wm. BROADHURST and the right with MACHINE MADE. The walnut stock is decorated at the wrist and the fore end with carving and copious silver pin head inlays. There is some overall wear, but the locks both function correctly, and the ejector still presents when the action is broken open.

In nice cleaned display condition ready to be included in any late Victorian Gun collection. In excellent condition, ready to display and research!


Year of Manufacture: circa 1885
Caliber: 12 gauge / bore
Cartridge Type: Centerfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 18 1/4 Inches with about 3" long Chambers

Overall Length: 34 Inches
Action type: Side Action Locks with External Hammer
Feed System: Top Break with Top Lever

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