Original Bavarian M-1869 Werder "Aptiertes" Single Shot Infantry Rifle in 11.15x60R Mauser - Serial 78760

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Original Item: One only. These Rifles are so very hard to find. Introduced April 18th 1869 and adopted as the Model 1869. Designed by JOHANN LUDWIG WERDER based on the Peabody and Martini Henry, the action of this rifle is truly fascinating.

Equipped with "Opposed" triggers and a cocking lever mounted above the action. The forward "backward" trigger lowers the sloping block like any Martini system. The Cocking lever, mounted in a block above the receiver to the rear cocks the Rifle and the standard trigger discharges the cartridge. In fact an extremely rapid process so much so that this rifle became known as the BAVARIAN BLITZ Rifle.

Bavaria had allied itself to Austria in the 1866 European war against Prussia but had then allied itself to Prussia for the 1870 Franco-Prussian War. After France's swift defeat there followed the Confederation of German States in 1871, which ruled that all States should standardize on ammunition used by the Prussian Mauser 1871 Rifle, the ScharfePatronene M71 (11.15x60R Mauser). This resulted initially in the M1869 "Aptiertes", a Werder re-chambered to adapt it to the Mauser ScharfePatronene M71 cartridge (that itself was based on a lengthened Werder case). The rear sight was also replaced with a mauser style sight at this time.

This simple re-chambering did not prove successful as the rifle/action/stock combination was not strong enough to handle the extra power of the M71 cartridge resulting in numerous cracked stocks. This example however survived without any cracks, and was not converted to the later M-1869 n.M, which replaced the entire barrel with one originally chambered for the M71 cartridge. These are easily recognized by a barrel knoxform that extends all the way from the breech to the rear sight.

In 1877 Bavaria then officially adopted the Mauser M71, and the all of the various Werder rifles were then relegated to Reserve Units and in some units saw service up until the First World War.

This particular M1869 "Aptiertes" Werder Rifle is really nice and appears to have matching Serial Numbers of 78760, located on the barrel, receiver, rear sight, and action. The trigger has a different number, and the stock number has been sanded down. The rear of the receiver is dated 1871 and 1872. The Right side of the receiver is stamped V.C.S. Suhl, for V.C Schilling & Cie of Suhl Germany, a Bavarian Contractor.

It has the correct Mauser style rear sight and short barrel knoxform, indicating it was converted to take the M71 cartridge, but was not later re-barreled to the n.M specification. The rifle comes with it's original Chassepot/Gras type nose cap and ramrod. Clearly it saw little or no active service, as the bore is in excellent bright condition, with clear lands and grooves. The stock is also quite striking, with a good amount of figure in the butt stock and wrist area.

As with many of these rifles, this rifle ended up as an Allied War Souvenir at the end of WW1 and had to be transported home in a kit bag. Due to this, the rifle had to have the barrel removed, and the front stock cut in half. There is a scarf joint  between the lower and middle barrel bands where this cut was made, and then expertly repaired.

A very rare German Infantry Rifle that is becoming exceedingly hard to find. Ready to display.


Year of Manufacture: 1871 - converted 1872
Caliber: 11.15x60R Mauser
Cartridge Type: Center Fire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 34.5 Inches

Overall Length: 51.5 Inches
Action type:  Modified Falling-Block
Feed System: Single Shot

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