Original Austro-Hungarian WWI Model 16 Zeitzünder Gewehrgranate Rifle Grenade

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice totally inert BATF complaint example Austro-Hungarian 2nd Model Zeitzünder ("time fuze") rifle grenade, known as Gewehrgranate, used during WWI. These are very similar to the Rohrhandgranate (Rod Hand Grenade), with the main difference being delivery system. The serrated fragmentation type is the first variant, the smooth bodied grenade is the second variant, also called the Model 16.

Both have the same inertial pull-fuze. When fired, the weight of the end piece would pull the friction igniter, automatically setting the time delay. Also, by just removing the rod, they could be used as hand grenades, one of the useful features of this type of time delay fuze. The soldier would need to pull off the fuze, as simply throwing it would not create enough inertia.

This example has had the rod removed, either to use as a hand grenade, or more likely, to make it easier to stow in a pack when bringing home. The paint is very good, and overall condition is very nice, with the original inertial friction fuse still attached. The nose cap unscrews, allowing the interior of the grenade to be inspected. There are also arsenal marks stamped into the middle of the grenade body, along with a number 13.

The Model 16 was far more streamlined than the 1st Model with the serrated body, and was significantly lighter, making it a more effective rifle grenade.  Still, as with all rod-based rifle grenades, it was easily outclassed by the launcher-based grenades that followed.

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