Original Austro-Hungarian WWI Late War M1914 Style Rifle Grenade

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice totally inert BATF complaint example Austro-Hungarian Late WWI Rifle Grenade, based heavily on the earlier German M1914 style grenade. This was a much smaller grenade than the 1st and 2nd model Zeitzünder Gewehrgranate (Time Fuze Rifle Grenade), both of which were so heavy that they required a very long bore length rod to be propelled any reasonable distance.

At the end of the war, they elected to try the German design, which was much smaller and lighter, and did not require such an excessively long rod. The rod and base shield on this example are unfortunately missing, most likely lost long ago. The top fuse cover unscrews, and the grenade is in overall very good condition.

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