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Original Austro-Hungarian WWI Inert “Universal” Rifle Grenade

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a fantastic example of a rather rare WWI Austro-Hungarian field configurable “universal” rod rifle grenade. There is no explosive content present and the grenade is inert and in total compliance per the current BATF regulations governing ordnance.

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This is definitely an interesting rifle grenade, first used relatively early in the war on the Serbian front, although many were used on the Italian front. It was not only the first Austro-Hungarian grenade specifically designed to be used both as a hand grenade and as a rod grenade fired from a rifle, but the first that could accept either an impact or a delay fuse. The body of this grenade, about 7 3/4 inches in length, consists of a brass nose cone which detaches from the brass base. Inside of the tube would have been an erkrasit explosive charge. A 27 inch long rod screws into the base, which would be placed down the bore of the rifle.

Not too much is known about this type of grenade, making for a wonderful research opportunity. The condition is ground dug with a lot of deterioration present in the body itself. Surprisingly enough, when done so carefully, the tube can be disassembled to inspect the interior. The rod shows extensive pitting just like the grenade and can still be screwed (somewhat) into the base of the tube.

A lovely example ready for further research and display.

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