Original Austro-Hungarian WWI Inert Cylinder Hand Grenade - Zylindergranate

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a totally inert BATF complaint Austro-Hungarian Zylindergranate (Cylinder Grenade), as used during WWI.

Many of the early hand grenades in use during the first few months of the war, across all the combatant nations, were improvised explosive devices, tins full of bits of metal or anything likely to cause damage, often attached to handles for easier throwing. The Austro-Hungarian Army was no different, but by the spring of 1915, these improvised hand grenades were being replaced by the German Stielhandgranate, which the Austrians soon began importing in large quantities. They also began contracting Switzerland to manufacture these Cylinder grenades, partly based off of the earlier very primitive LAKOS design.

Compared to the LAKOS, the Zylindergranate is definitely a step up, with an actual handle and fuse. The bottom cap still comes off, and the original pull pin is still present. The outside has the standard lacquer coating to prevent rust. A great example of a hard to find Central Powers grenade!

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