Original Austro-Hungarian M 1853/59 Regiment Marked Pioneer Short Sword by F.S. Jung - Dated 1861

Item Description

Origianl Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice Model 1853 Pioneer's Short sword or falchion, officially termed the Pioniersäbel M.53 (Pioneer Saber M.53). This sidearm was issued to Pioneers (i.e. field engineers) of the Austro-Hungarian Army. Although such sidearms could, if necessary, be used as weapons, they were primarily intended as tools. Their strong, broad, machete-like blade was designed for tasks such as cutting and clearing brushwood.

This example is in very nice condition, with minimal staining on the heavy 18 1/4 inch long blade. With an overall length of 25 inches, these were ideal for their intended purpose of clearing brush and chopping through small branches. The blade design is also somewhat interesting, with the left side of the blade being totally flat, while the right side has a broad fuller and edge. This is similar to machete's and bolo knives designed later for use in WWI.

The blade ricasso is marked with maker F.S. JUNGan Austrian sword maker family based in Solingen Germany, a city with a long history of blade making. It also bears an arsenal marking and date of 1861. There is also a regimental marking of 9 . T. D. / 465., showing that this was definitely a military issued sword. This marking most likely stands for the 9th Train Division, 456th Man.

A great 19th century Austr-Hungarian Pioneer Short Sword, ready to display!!

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