Original Austrian WWI Mannlicher M1895 NCO Bayonet by ŒWG Steyr with Hook Quillon & Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice Austrian-made NCO bayonet for the Mannlicher Model 1895 straight pull bolt action Rifle, which was the principal Rifle of the FIRST WORLD WAR for the Austrian Empire. The M1895 bayonet was the first knife bayonet to feature an inverted blade profile, where cutting edge faces upward when fixed.

These normally have no quillon, and just a muzzle ring on the crossguard, but this is a rare version for NCOs, which has a hooked quillon and small swivel on the bottom. This was for attaching a Troddle knot to the bayonet, so that the NCO could easily be identified by the colorful knot on his bayonet. This was even more apparent when the bayonet was fixed onto the rifle. For more information please see Watts & White’s fine work The Bayonet Book, page 20, item 42.

The bayonet and scabbard are both stamped with Œ over WG, the marking for Österreichische Waffenfabriksgesellschaft (Austrian Arms-Manufacturing Company), abbreviated as ŒWG. Steyr Mannlicher firearm production was a part of this company. The reverse ricasso of the bayonet has the Austrian Eagle proof mark.

Condition of the bayonet is very good, with the original bright finish still well retained. There is the expected wear to the finish, and a bit of light oxidation, but it presents very well. The scabbard, originally painted black, has now worn mostly to bright steel.

A rare bayonet and scabbard from the Austro-Hungarian empire, ready to display or use!

Blade Length: 10"
Blade Style: Single Edge w/ Fuller
Overall length: 14 1/4“
Crossguard: 3 3/8”
Scabbard Length: 10 1/2"

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