Original Austrian Werndl Model 1867/1877 11x58R Carbine Dated 1886

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. The M1867 Werndl was a single-shot breechloading rifle that the Austro-Hungarian army adopted in 1867. It replaced the Wanzl breechloader conversion of the muzzle-loading Lorenz rifle. Josef Werndl (1831–1889) and Karel Holub (1830–1903) designed and patented their design; Werndl later bought out all the rights.

The Werndl rifle and carbine system was invented by KAREL HOLUB and named after the Director of the STEYRWERKS Joseph Wendl. It is a single shot "rolling block" system quite different from the Remington Rifle also referred to as a Rolling Block. This system was personally selected by Emperor Franz Joseph in 1867 much to the surprise of the Austrian Military. The 1867 model featured an external hammer mounted on the lock plate however in 1877 the second model moved the hammer to the inside of the lock plate. The second model is far rarer than the original first 1867 model. Carbines of either model are exceptionally rare. The system was replaced by the Austrian Mannlicher Magazine Rifle of 1886. However Wendl rifles were still being pressed into service during the First World War.

This fine example in 11×58mmR (1877 upgrade) is dated "886" for 1886 and was manufactured at the OSTERREICHISCHE WAFFENFARIK GESELLSCHAFT STEYR with logo. It features an internal hammer in carbine form with all matching serial numbers #1240H. Offered in fine overall condition with all steel surfaces polished. Original cleaning rod still in place.

A very rare model that is difficult to locate in today’s market.

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