Original Austrian Schützen Percussion Target Rifle by J.G. Fischer of Vienna with Carved Walnut Half Stock - circa 1845

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. This is truly a work of art! This Austrian percussion target rifle is mounted in a beautiful Walnut Schützen type half stock. It has a HEAVY and large 32" octagonal barrel in approximately .50 Caliber rifled bore, which has an interesting "scalloped" style of rifling, with round lands coming to small peaks. It is also fitted with a shrouded "globe" front sight (sight pin missing) with an adjustable rear "PEEP" sight. To protect the shooter, there is also a very interesting iron flash guard fitted around the cap bolster. The percussion hammer also faces TO THE REAR, most likely to work with the guard.

The lock plate on this example looks to be nickel plated, and is marked JG: FISCHER IN WIEN, which is also inlaid in GOLD on top of the barrel, with other markings:


The surrounding lines translate to "Cast Steel Drilled Barrel", indicating how the barrel was produced.

The Schützen half stock on the rifle is truly lovely, with the nose carved to resemble a simulated SEA SERPENT with the intricate barrel protruding from the Serpent's jaws. The left side of the butt stock has a fantastic cheek piece, and thee stock is fitted with a multi finger looped iron trigger guard. On the right side above this there is even a carved THUMB rest, and there are other well-executed designs as well.

As with most fine European target rifles, this example is fitted with a "set trigger", where depressing the rear trigger first until it clicks and just touching the front trigger discharges the weapon, hopefully with great accuracy. At present it is out of adjustment, and will not "catch". The hammer does not have a half cock position, and can still be fired by pulling the front trigger back quite far.

In very good condition, this is really a great looking example. We checked the bore, and it is still bright and shiny, showing very little use, of any. High end examples of this were often purchased just to show off and put on the wall, while less expensive examples were used for the actual target shooting.

A truly magnificent example made by a member of the very famous "FISCHER" family, which dominated the Central European Fine Quality Target and Hunting gun market from the late 17th century until approximately 1900.

A beautiful Schützen percussion target rifle Circa 1845, ready to display!

Specifications :-
Year of Manufacture: circa 1845
Caliber:  about .49 inches
Ammunition Type: Cap and Ball
Barrel Length: 32 1/2 Inches

Overall Length: 46 1/2 Inches
Action type: Side action Percussion lock
Feed System: Single Shot

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