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Original Austrian Massive M1870 Rast & Gasser Patent 11.3mm Revolver by Leopold Gasser serial 187043 - c.1885

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Original Item: Only One Available. The Gasser M1870 was a revolver chambered for 11.3×36mmR and was adopted by the Austro-Hungarian Cavalry in 1870. It was an open-frame model, with the barrel unit attached to the frame by a screw beneath the cylinder arbor. The arbor pin was screwed into the barrel unit and fitted into a recess in the standing breech. The cylinder was gate-loaded from the right side, and a rod ejector was carried beneath the barrel.

Replicas of these HUGE revolvers were very much favored in the Balkan State of MONTENEGRO in the late 19th century, which was under control of the Austro-Hungarian empire at the time. They were almost considered as men's jewelry. This however is not one of the many made for that trade, but a real Austrian example manufactured my Leopold Gasser Waffenfabrik, with all the correct markings and proofs.

Our example is well marked on the left barrel trunion with the patent information and serial number:



The serial number 187043 is also stamped onto the cylinder, and the frame below the cylinder, to the right of the Leopold Gasser trademark:

L. G.
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"Guss Stahl" translates to "cast steel", indicating the method of manufacture. "Schutzmarke" is the trademark. There is also an Austrian double headed eagle on top of the barrel trunion, as well as CROWN / NI, for Nicholas I of Montenegro, who reigned 1860-1918 as first Prince and then King. The markings have been highlighted in white to make them easier to see. There are various assembly numbers marked on the revolver as well, including 161 under the grips, inside the trigger guard, and on the inside of both grip scales.

The grips are lovely checkered hardwood, and still retain almost all of the original texture, with no cracks or chips that we can see. A unique safety bar will usually be found on the right of the frame of M1870 Gasser revolvers, below the cylinder, however this was not found on all examples. This revolver does not have the safety bar, and functions in double action only. The high serial number and "Rast & Gasser" marking indicate this is a very late issue example, so the feature may have been removed. We do not see evidence that the safety bar was ever installed on this revolver.

Overall the revolver is in very nice shape, with a nice aged finish, showing wear and some light oxidation, but no real rust. The revolver functions well in double action only. It does not look like it was set up for single action use. The bore shows clear lands and grooves, with a partly bright finish. The loading gate is present and functional, as is the ejector rod, held in place by a small turn screw.

Presents well, close to 150 years old, a great Austrian revolver from the late 19th century, ready to display!!!


Year of Manufacture: circa 1885
Caliber: 11.3×36mmR
Ammunition Type: Centerfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 5 1/4 inches

Overall Length: 11 inches
Action: Double Action Only
Feed System: 6 Shot Revolver

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