Original Austrian Mannlicher M1886 Chilean Contract Infantry Rifle in 11mm by Œ.W.G. Steyr - Serial 6818 II

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a good example of this rare early Austrian Infantry Rifle in 11mm designed by FERDINAND RITTER VON MANNLICHER. The M1886 itself was an improvement of the Mannlicher Model 1885 Trials Rifle that was a prototype, meant to replace the by then obsolete M1867 Werndl-Holub drum-breech single-shot rifle. It was the first of the Austrio-Hungarian service rifles to introduce the feature of the clip dropping out of the bottom of the magazine when the last round is chambered. It was chambered for the same 11×58mmR M1877, 11mm Werndl that its predecessor used.

Almost all of the M1886 rifles were updated to take the smaller 8×52mmR Mannlicher round during the 1888-1892 period, before they were entirely replaced by the Mannlicher M1895. Some examples of the 1886 and 1888 Rifles did see service in the First World war but by then the M-1895 was the predominant Infantry weapon for Austria as part of the Central Powers. Many of these rifles were also contract made and exported to South America, especially Chile, such as this example was.

This example is quite rare, as it is still chambered for the original 11mm cartridges, and is in the original M1886 configuration. It bears serial number 6818 II on the barrel and the stock. The "II" suffix indicates that it was made for export, and there is a very faint Chilean crest on the right side of the buttstock.  It is marked Œ / W G over the chamber, indicating it was manufactured by Österreichische Waffenfabriksgesellschaft, (ŒWG, Austrian Arms-Manufacturing Company), a legendary factory with a long history.

Condition is very nice, with a great used look. Loads of patination all over. The stock is solid, but does show decades of service wear, and is the original stock for this rifle. It doesn't seem to have been refinished or refurbished. The bore is in excellent condition, with crisp lands and grooves and a bright finish. There are just a few areas of oxidation visible. The rifle cycles and dry fires correctly.

Uncommon and in very good condition. Ready to display!


Years of Manufacture: 1886-1888
Caliber: 11×58mmR
Cartridge Type: Centerfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 31.7 Inches

Overall Length: 52.2 Inches
Action type: Straight Pull Bolt-Action
Feed System: 5 round En-bloc clip Internal Magazine

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