Original Austrian Empire Second Italian War of Independence Era M1858 Naval Cutlass dated 1859 - Bordsäbel

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Original Item: Only One Available. Prior to 1867, the Imperial Austrian Navy or simply the Austrian Navy, saw action in the French Revolutionary Wars, the Napoleonic Wars, the Austrian expedition against Morocco (1829), the Second Egyptian–Ottoman War, the First and Second Wars of Italian Independence, the Second Schleswig War, and the Third War of Italian Independence. Following Austria's defeat by Prussia and Italy during the Seven Weeks' War, the Austrian Empire reformed itself into the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary, and the navy also became the Austro-Hungarian Navy. Largely neglected by the Empire in its early years, the k.u.k. Kriegsmarine expanded along with Austro-Hungarian industrialization into one of the largest navies in the Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas. By 1914, the k.u.k. Kriegsmarine had a peacetime strength of 20,000 personnel, seeing action in the Boxer Rebellion and other conflicts prior to World War I.

Until 1858, the Austrian Navy was equipped with captured French cutlasses before their own was made, the model 1858. This cutlass was in service until 1904. The amount of cutlasses produced outnumbered the scabbards, so many are found without one like this example. The cutlasses were stored in boxes or on racks until the time was needed for them, they were then issued out to the crew and upon completion of the mission they were returned to the boxes for storage again.

The cutlass features a French style 1822 steel three branch guard surrounding a ray skin covered and brass wire bound grip. The "cutlass" style fullered blade is 24" in length. Overall length is 31". The ricasso is stamped with the cross maker’s mark and F.S. Jung. F.S. Jung was an Austrian sword maker family in Solingen Germany. Many of the heavy and military grade field combat weapons used in European armies were also exported to the States, primarily the union but the CSA also got a hold of some. The opposite side has the date 1859 stamped.

The condition is really good given its age, but there are some discrepancies present, all consistent with service use. There are quite a few nicks present in the edge, whether they are from combat use or children’s recreational use, your guess is as good as ours! The wire wrap present on the ray skin grip is quite lovely but is unfortunately broken in one spot.

This is a significantly rare cutlass and we are most likely not going to encounter one any time soon, so you do not want to miss out! Comes more than ready for further research and display.

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