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Original Australian WWI Era Homefront War Effort Support Pins and Badges - 35 Items

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Original Items: Only One Lot of 35 Available. More than 330,000 Australians served in the war overseas as sailors, soldiers, airmen and nurses. They saw terrible things, like people being injured and dying, and experienced trauma. But the people back home in Australia felt terrible too. They were heartbroken to hear about the loss of people in their families and communities. Many communities were divided by differing views on conscription. There was a lot of activity in Australia to support the war. People gave up their free time to help out. Many women volunteered to work in military hospitals and convalescent homes. Others packed 'comforts' from home to make the soldiers feel good. Some women knitted them warm socks. Ordinary Australians donated 14 million pounds to help others during the war.

This lot of pins would have been the various ones seen worn during the War. They are various unit “sweetheart” pins, Regimental Pins, Nurse Pins, Australia Day Pins and more.

A lovely assortment ready for further research and display.

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