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Original Argentina Pre-WWI Era Model 1898 Artillery Sword and Scabbard by Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co of Solingen

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a fantastic example of a German export, Argentinian M1898 Artillery Sword, made by the famous German firm, Weyersberg Kirschbaum and Co of Solingen. Despite the invention of machine guns and rapid firing artillery, swords were still issued.

Between 1880 and 1930, the Argentine Army sought to become a professional force without active involvement in politics, even though many a political figure -President Julio Argentino Roca, for example- benefitted from a past military career. The Army prevented the fall of the government in a number of Radical-led uprisings. Meanwhile, the military in general and the Army, in particular, contributed to developing Argentina's unsettled southern frontier and its nascent industrial complex.

The main foreign influence during this period was, by and large, the Prussian (and then German) doctrine. Partly because of that, during both World Wars most of the officers supported the Germans, more or less openly and their weapons and equipment reflected that.

This is a fine example of a German style sword and is offered in great condition. The sword is of complete steel construction with a steel blade, 'D' guard, and grip. The sword was manufactured by WKC. The ricasso is stamped with WEYERSBERG / KIRSCHBAUM & CO / SOLINGEN. There was once an inscription on the fuller, but as with most Argentine weapons, the markings and inscriptions were “sanitized” for when they were sold off as surplus. The outside of the D Guard is stamped with an “RA” in a circle for “Republica Argentina”. The National Crest is partly visible on the underside of the crossguard, but as with the inscription in the fuller, it was ground down. The top of the grip, just below the crossguard is the serial number 2078, which unfortunately does not match the scabbard, but this is a common occurrence.

The all steel scabbard is in the same, very good condition as the sword, with a lozenge shaped stud for the frog. There is minor surface oxidation and scratching present, but there is no significant damage present. The drag is marked with the Republica Argentina “RA” marking as well as serial number 3045.

This is a wonderful example of a seldom seen sword, ready for display!

Blade Length: 26"
Blade Style: Curved Single Edge with Single Wide Fuller
Overall length: 32“
D-Guard: 4"W x 5"L
Scabbard Length: 27 ¼”

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