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Original Antique Chromolithograph The Last Shot at Colenso" by Richard Caton Woodville - Framed 28 x 36

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Original Item: Only One Available. A magnificent full color print in gilt frame measuring 36" tall by 28" wide of the tragic last stand entitled "The Last Shot at Colenso", a massive British defeat during the Boer War in 1899.

The British were led by the just arrived legendary General Sir Redvers Buller V.C. and they were up against a smaller force under the Boer General Louis Botha. The British were ill equipped and not familiar with the local geography whereas the Boers were magnificently led and out maneuvered the British at every turn. The result was a humiliating defeat for the newly arrived Buller and a great scandal in London.

Great actions of glory were achieved however and FOUR Victoria Crosse were awarded to three officers and an N.C.O. One happened to be young Lieutenant Frederick Roberts the son of Field Marshall Lord Roberts, hero of Kandahar, who unfortunately died of his wounds just two days later.

This wonderful print shows two of the officers with their revolvers manning a firing artillery piece and the wounded Lt. Roberts lying on the ground in the lower left. It is interesting that Great Britain seemed very ready to award these medals of valor after great disasters have occurred, remember the record ELEVEN Victoria Crosses awarded after Isandlwanna and Rourke's Drift in 1879.

In very good condition and already over a hundred years of age.

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