Original Antique 18th Century 4 Pounder Crested Bronze Cannon with Wood Field Carriage

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is probably the most complete 18th Century Cannon Set that we recovered from Nepal with our purchase of the Royal Armory in 2003. This is a really early bronze barrel that still retains its original raised crest of Stand of Arms and Flags surrounding a helmeted head to center.

The barrel measures 43" overall with a 3 1/8" bore, a decorative cast ribbon adorns the front top surface that originally probably bore a date in the 1700s now absent. The width of the trunnions is 14" and across the breach end it is 8.5".

Mounted on the original English Oak 18th Century Field Carriage twin trail construction only one cross plank is missing directly under the rear of the barrel, easily replicated. The carriage comes complete with original 12 spoke drum hub wheels however the iron internal sleeves are absent. The Mount has some wood losses where the trail meets the ground in the rear but all the ironwork strapping appears still to be in place.

The approximately 250 year old Cannon is totally untouched, uncleaned and unrestored, just as it came out of the Palace Arsenal of Lagan Silikana in Kathmandu, Neapl. The Carriage may very well be English but the barrel bears a Coat of Arms of which we are unfamiliar. Measuring only 103" overall, and 55" across at the widest the wheels stand 39" tall. In all a very compact set that is easy to display.

This will set will require special shipping as the Bronze Barrel is very heavy, probably approaching 500 lbs, freight fees inside the 48 states will be included in the purchase price, call for export shipping rate.


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