Original Anglo-Zulu War Hardwood Knobkierie with Bone Plaque Marked Khambula 1879

Item Description

Original Item: one-of-a-kind. This is a 2.5 hard wood ball on integral 24.5" shaft, all made from one single piece of wood. Mounted on the shaft is an inlaid piece of bone (ivory?) etched with


Khambula or more usually spelt KAMBULA was a the scene of a battle between 2,000 British soldiers under the command of Colonel Evelyn Wood and an entire Zulu Impi regiment of some 20,000 warriors. It happened on March 29th, 1879 just two months and one week after the British defeat at the Battle of Isandlwana at the beginning of the British invasion into Zululand.

The British were located in a well fortified camp having prepared for the Battle which started around midday. By early evening the Zulus were in full retreat with Colonel Redvers Buller's mounted troops in full pursuit. No prisoners were taken and at the finish over 2,000 Zulu bodies were buried with the loss of just 28 British killed and some more wounded.

This battle considered the turning point of the Anglo-Zulu War showed that disciplined volley fire from Martini Henry Rifles were very capable of breaking a formidably greater Zulu force.

No doubt brought back by a British Soldier as a war souvenir that makes a wonderful display piece to go with your Martini Henry rifle.

To read a wonderful article about the battle of Anglo-Zulu War: Battle of Khambula please visit:

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