Original American Whaling Ship Branding Iron from the Vessel WALRUS - circa 1830

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Seems amazing now that small Whaling ships would leave New England ports to hunt massive whales, and were able to return. They sailed with purpose of harvesting huge quantities of OIL, which was rendered from the whales blubber after they were killed. This was mostly used to fuel lanterns for light, as well as lubrication, soap, margarine, etc. Industry had yet to strike the "black gold" of petroleum, so as the saying goes "Needs Must".

This is an original, close to 200 year old branding iron, not for cattle but, for the wooden barrels the Whalers packed the raw Whale Oil in. This was  to indicate which vessel was to be paid for the contents when returning to port and the cargoes were sold at auction. In order to save space on board, the barrels were stored in pieces, and then assembled. To make sure that the brand was on the barrel, the markings were only applied after the barrel was completed.

The WALRUS was a known Whaler, which was understood sailed out of New Bedford, Mass.. This brand came from one of the fore most Dealers in Whaling Memoribilia some 20 years ago, now long deceased. Whaling material is very sought after and hard to find. Measuring 19" overall with a wood handle, we're fairly certain it would work today just as it did in 1840.

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