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Original American Revolutionary War Captured British Short Land Pattern Brown Bess Flintlock Musket

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Original Item: One Only. This is a great example of the classic 42" barrel "Short Land Pattern" Brown Bess Musket, first produced in 1769. It was the principle Long Arm of Britain's Red Coats during the American Revolutionary War, and saw much use on the American Side as well, particularly captured models such as this. It has all brass furniture mounted on a walnut stock, including THREE ram Rod pipes. Iron Flintlock mechanism is marked with CROWN" over G.R. on the lock plate and TOWER across the lock plate tail. The lock plate is undated, as that practice ceased in 1765, however it is marked on the  interior of the lock marked W.G. for WILLIAM GRICE". The 42" barrel still bears the original British Proof marks and maker initials of T.H. on the breech.

As noted earlier, this musket ONLY has THREE ram rod pipes, which indicates that although made and proofed in England and issued to King George III's army to be used against the American Rebels in the Revolutionary war it was almost certainly then captured and refitted. Very often surrendering British Regiments destroyed their own weapons, including their muskets, to deny their use to the enemy. Most of the time this was quickly completed by smashing the wood butt stock at the wrist against a tree, which would break the stock in seconds.

As a result these "destroyed" muskets were accumulated by patriot armorers and rebuilt with new American wood butt stocks. As it happened the Americans always used just three ram rod pipes, so these freshly stocked muskets were produced in that way. They would also use the other hardware from the original stocks, and as can be seen on this example, the trigger guard had been broken right at the wrist screw hole, which is exactly where the stock would have been broken. Otherwise they are just about identical to the original British Muskets. Upon completion these "New American" Brown Bess Muskets were re-issued to the revolutionaries and kept in service until long after the Revolutionary War had ceased.

There is some pitting in the pan and around the touch hole, indicating that this musket saw significant use. Otherwise it is in very nice condition for 250 years of age.  The swan-neck hammer lock is fully functional, and holds half-cock solidly.

A very fine musket in splendid condition that served on both sides in the American Revolutionary War. Straight out of an Old American collection, ready to display.

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