Original American Revolutionary War British Pattern 1742 Long Land Brown Bess Musket by Jordan - Dated 1745 - Princeton Battlefield Museum

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. IMA has acquired a collection of authentic American Revolutionary War weapons which, for the past 20 years, have been on display at the Princeton Battlefield State Park Thomas Clarke House Museum located in Princeton, New Jersey.

This magnificent 46 inch long barreled Brown Bess Musket was exactly what the British used in those early Colonial days and saw service throughout the French & Indian War (Seven years War 1756-1763) and on through the Revolutionary War of 1775-1784.

The British Long Land pattern musket sometimes referred to as the First Model Brown Bess began to emerge in the mid 1720's and by about 1730 had taken on a distinct form. Three basic variations of this musket evolved, the pattern 1730, the pattern 1742, and the pattern 1756. In general it could be said that the pattern 1730 and 1742 were used here extensively in the French-Indian War and the pattern 1756 fought the Americans during the Revolution.

This weapon is a British pattern 1742 Long Land musket. It is the classic firearm used by British and Colonial forces during the early colonial wars. It is also exactly what British forces used to crush the Scottish at the Battle of Culloden on April 16th, 1746.

The rounded almost banana shaped lock is marked with a Crown above a GR and a small Crown above a Broad Arrow, The tail of the lockplate is marked JORDAN 1745, which is the date of the lock manufacture. It is recorded that Thomas Jordan was a London gunmaker who produced arms for the British Ordnance from 1733 until 1762. It's known that he marked his locks with his name spelled either with an I or J in Jordan. The gun is stocked to within 3 1/2 inches of the muzzle to allow for a socket bayonet. The 45 1/2 inch .75 caliber barrel is held to the stock by transverse pins and has the standard British Ordnance proof marks at the breech. The buttplate, sideplate, wrist escutcheon and triggerguard are all made of brass. This weapon is in extremely fine condition and is an excellent example of the weapons used in America throughout the 18th century. A photograph of this musket appeared in the May 1994 issue of The Gun Report, in an article entitled, "Colonial Firearms Displayed at the Princeton Battlefield".

This amazing musket is correct in every respect and shows use commensurate with its age and military service. Offered in wonderful display condition having been on public display at the Thomas Clarke House, in the Princeton Battlefield State Park in New Jersey, in a special exhibit entitled, "Arms of the Revolution".


Year of Manufacture: Circa 1745

Caliber: .75" Musket
Ammunition Type: Lead Ball & Powder
Barrel Length: 45 1/2 inches
Overall Length: 62 inches
Action: Flintlock
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

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