Original American Revolutionary War 46 inch Brown Bess Marked Dublin Castle Musket- Untouched

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Originating from a Massachusetts retiree now living in Florida, this is one of the most fascinating flintlock Muskets we've ever owned. A true SLEEPER is appears to be several muskets combined.

We recently took it into New York City to our regular club meeting and showed this Musket to a very well known American Author and Collector of Revolutionary War Muskets and he immediately told us what we had. Whoever ends up with this musket, we will certainly share this man's contact information, as there doubtless a lot more to be learned.

It appears to be a 46" Barreled Brown Bess with a King George marked flintlock. It is in fact an assembled Revolutionary Colonialist's Musket put together from parts from different muskets to face the British, no doubt in Massachusetts, in the 1770s.

This is a list of the composition-

a) The Barrel is a full 46-inch length and has "PROVENSEE UTRECHT" in block capital letters engraved onto the upper surface.

b) The flintlock mechanism itself is marked with a "Crown" over "G.R." and "DUBLIN CASTLE" across the tail. The external Frizzen Spring is absent.

c) The Brass tailed sideplate and brass trigger guard are typical late 46" and 42" pattern.

d) The wood stock with original steel/iron butt plate is of the French Charlesville Pattern of 1729 with very downward curved butt stock. It clearly originally had a larger French Style Trigger Guard which was removed and this Brown Bess one put in its place. The fore-stock of the one piece stock originally was secured by, now absent, bands with at least one British style barrel securing pin has been added.

e) Original Button nosed Brown Bess Ramrod is still in place and the front of the fore stock is held to the barrel by a small piece of leather thong.

A SLEEPER, the barrel tang has a second tang screw hole added directly in front of the original, now empty, when being used with this current wood stock. The front lock screw is absent.

Clearly a very exciting Musket assembled in Colonial America from old musket parts for use in the Revolutionary War and NEVER thereafter tampered with!

To summarize-

• An Original French 1729 Charlesville Musket Stock
• An Original 46", probably Dutch Mercenary, Brown Bess Barrel
• An Original Dublin Marked Brown Bess Flintlock, (in the 1770's Boston was largely garrisoned with Irish Troops).
• All combined to create an American Colonial Revolutionary's Musket!

We just had to hold this for St. Patrick's Day!!!

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