Original American Old West Percussion Belt Buckle Gun Circa 1880-1890

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. This pistol was recently featured on an episode of History Channel's Pawn Stars (watch the sequence on this page)!

This unique piece is a small gun fashioned to be hidden as a Belt Buckle. Dating to the later portion of the 19th Century, this one-off item was likely handmade by a gunsmith using shop fabricated and spare parts salvaged from other firearms.

The barrel measures approximately .75 of an inch with a mechanism that is squeezed into the confines of the buckle which is approximately .5 inches deep. The pistol itself operates as a Percussion ignition, black powder muzzle loader which fires a .36 Caliber Lead Ball. The pistol’s “trigger” is drilled to attach a lanyard, indicating that this pistol may have been intended to fire with a wire hidden elsewhere (pocket) on the operator's person to avoid detection.

Leather belt is old but almost certainly a later replacement.

Just what an Old West Saloon gambler may have worn and used after a heated round of Texas Hold'em Poker!

Approximate Year of Manufacture: 1885
Caliber: .36"
Cartridge Type: Ball, Powder, Percussion cap
Barrel Length: .75 Inches
Overall Length: N/A
Action type: Percussion
Feed System: Muzzle Loaded

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