Original African Zulu Tribe Victorian Era Root Ball Knobkerrie War Club

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Original Item: Only One Available. We believe this to be this 100% genuine, a late 19th century ZULU War Club known as a Knobkerrie made from the wood of a Root ball or wad and carried by during Zulu warriors perhaps during the famous ZULU wars with the British Empire in 1879 in South Africa and after.

Almost certainly brought back by a serving soldier as a "War Souvenir" this war club is not an after market tourist item. Made from the hard wood of a root ball of a tree with the shaft carved from just one limb, this is a fierce weapon indeed. An age split through part of the rear of the "ball" and projecting partway down the shaft confirms that this indeed was made from one piece of wood and is not only an original war club but it is of considerable age.

A telltale sign of the after market tourist examples are that they are always made from a ball of wood with a separate shaft attached.

The "ball" is approx. 4-inches across and the tapering shaft is 20-inches in length, making this a A real skull crusher.

The Zulus devastated an entire British regiment, the 24th of Foot, at the Battle of ISANDHLWANA in January 1879 and just two days later attacked the British Mission Station at Rorke's Drift. This action resulted in the defenders of Rorke's Drift being awarded ELEVEN Victoria Crosses, Britain's highest award for valor and of course was the subject of everybody's favorite move "ZULU" starring Stanley Baker and Michael Caine made in the 1960s. Despite this crushing blow to British National prestige, before the close of 1879, the British later destroyed the Zulu Empire culminating in the final Battle of ULUNDI.

A truly genuine Zulu Knobkerrie with original patina that was almost certainly a British Soldier's War Trophy.

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