Original 9th - 12th Century Baltic Tribes Viking Battle Axe Head - Ground Dug in Ukraine

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Although Vikings are known to have come in their majority from the Scandinavian region, Norway, Denmark and Sweden are not the only places these fearless sailor warriors came from. Vikings of the Baltic Sea, some tribes with great traditions of fighting and sailing could easily overshadow the most famous Scandinavian Vikings. These tribes came from where the Baltic Run takes you; mainly, from the Estonian island of Saaremaa (Oeselians), and the shores of Latvia and Lithuania (Curonians). Get to know the Vikings from the Baltic Sea!

This is a very nice smooth Viking axe head with graceful lines and traces of the original edge. A professional archaeologist cleaned this axe and treated the iron against further corrosion. Like many Viking artifacts, this axe was found by a farmer while cultivating crops. Dug up with bronze bracelets and other personal metal items.

This fine example is mounted on a wood display stand with an engraved brass plaque that reads:

CA 9th - 12th Cent. AD

Material: Iron
Size: 7 ¼” long, 2 1/4" broadest section of blade, 2 ½” at haft.
Age: 9th-11th century
Origin: Baltic Viking

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