Original 21st Century Czech Republic Inert 68mm RPG-75-TB Disposable Single-Shot Anti-Tank Weapon - Dated 2010

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a totally inert non-firing BATF compliant “deactivated” single use Czechoslovakian RPG-75 rocket launcher.

Not Available For Export

The RPG-75 is a portable, disposable, single-shot anti-tank weapon, developed in the 1970s in Czechoslovakia. It fires a 68 mm grenade (the projectile is not a rocket) with an effective range of 300 meters and maximum range of 1000 meters. It resembles the American M72 LAW rocket launcher. This RPG is recommended to be used on light tanks and armored tracked vehicles.

- RPG-75-TB: Improved version with thermobaric projectile, introduced in 2009.
- RPG-Nh-75: Designated for training ball firing. Identical with combat versions, only with inert projectiles.
- RPG-Cv-75: Designated for firing practice. Contains embedded 7.65 mm barrel - reusable.
- RPG-Šk-75: Designated for firing preparation, target aiming and triggering. Contains no explosive or spotting charge.

This example is in near mint condition and is complete with all original markings and sling.

The tube is complete with the original sling, and the rubber cover for the rear sight. Both sights flip up correctly for use, and the original sling is present as well.

This rocket is marked with the date 1/10 and has been in storage since it was fired. There is still movement present and the launcher can extend, however, these are known to get “frozen” and unable to extend. A quick and easy fix for this is to stick the whole assembly in a freezer for a few hours and then try to rework it.

Overall this is a beautiful example of the “Czechoslovakian LAW”, the Šk-75. Comes ready to display!

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