Original 19th Century Spanish American War Moro Tribe Straight Sword of the 1899 Insurrection

Item Description

Original Item: One-of-a-kind. A USGI bring back, purchased from a Veteran’s family, this is the traditional style sword carried by the Moro tribes of the Southern Philippine provinces of MINDENAO JOLO and the SULU ARCHIPELAGO.

The U.S. was ceded the Philippine islands at the close of the Spanish American War in 1898. No sooner had this occurred than the ethnic Muslim Moro population arose in rebellion in 1899. This conflict lasted throughout the islands until 1902 but continued in the south. In 1909 Major General John J. Pershing took command and over the next four years he brought the war to a close.

This sword has a straight blade with wood scabbard. The hilt is wire bound with silver plated copper mounts. Measuring 27" in overall length with a 22" blade this variation of the Kris sword is exclusive to the Mindenao region.

Most likely dating from 1870 an exact date of manufacture is impossible to determine.

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