Original 19th Century Rakshas Kris Dagger from Island of Bali

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a 19th century Kris dagger from the island of Bali in what was once known as the Dutch East Indies. The ebony wood hilt is carved into the likeness of a Rakshasa an un-rightly being of half man half tiger of Hindu mythology. The Rakshasas were deadly foes of the senior Hindu God Rama and also spilled over into the Hindu off-shoot religion of Buddhism.

The East Indies are now made up of what is today Malaysia and Indonesia which are in fact hundreds of small islands and each Island had its own Kris traditions making the subject of these amazing daggers with their "wavy" blades so compelling. Hand beaten blades resulting in elaborate grain patterns and decorations each original 19th century Kris has a story of its own.

Much copied today for the tourist trade, the modern examples do not compare to these original antique daggers. From the Island of Bali this Kris comes with the custom original scabbard the front of which is inlaid with two panels of ebony matching the wood of the hilt. Offered in fine condition, circa 1850, and ready to display.

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