Original 19th Century Persian Jambiya Damascus Steel Blade Dagger with Embossed Silver Clad Scabbard c.1820

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Jambiya, also spelled janbia, janbiya, and jambia (Arabic: جنبية‎ janbīyah), is the Arabic term for dagger, but it is generally used to describe a specific type of dagger with a short curved blade. The term jambiya is used in various Arab countries and India, it is closely associated with the people of Yemen and is prevalent among Muslim men in the Horn of Africa (primarily the Afars of Djibouti).

This particular Jambiya Dagger is of Indo-Persian origin, with what we suspect is a Rhino Horn grip.  It probably dates to the early part of the 19th. Century, 1820 or thereabouts. The hilt is adorned with SIX large Silver stars, each approaching the size of a dime. The curved blade is double edged and appears to have seen perhaps serious use and measures just 7 1/2" of Damascus/Wootz layered steel. Overall length is 12 1/2 inches.

The dagger is contained in its original wooden lined scabbard, which is totally encased in embossed and decorated Silver and is 11 inches long.

A magnificent weapon that reeks of quality and history. Ready to Display.

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