Original 19th Century Northern Congo Simba Fighting Knife - Circa 1880

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. What we know today as the Democratic Republic of the Congo was once a Belgian colony beginning at the time of Queen Victoria in the 1880. The Belgian Congo, as it was called, was the size of all Western Europe, but Belgium, unlike the British were not noted as Colonial administrators, resulting in massive upheaval in the 1960s known as the Simba Rebellion.

Remember the film, "THE WILD GEESE" with Richard Burton? The Belgian Congo war was appalling with the most terrible atrocities being carried out including cannibalism. The rebels were young men hyped up on "DAWA" a form of blessed water that their witch doctors assured them would protect them from bullets. The rebellion which lasted about two years caused much International concern.

The Simba were the indigenous population and for hundreds of years believed in witchcraft. The broad bladed Simba fighting knife we offer here dates back to the late 1800s with a 15" blade extending to 5.5 across at the widest point. This amazing blade, partially decorated is attached to a wooden leather thong bound grip with copper mounts. A fearsome weapon from what really was "Darkest Africa.

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