Original 19th Century North Indian Bulova War Axe

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This style of Northern Indian War Axe known as a Bullova came from what were referred to as "the Wild Tribes" of the Chota, Nagpur region of India that extended all the way up to the Kyber Pass. Even today that area, now in Pakistan is considered very insecure being right on the Afghan border.

The Bullova Axe came in multiple but similar forms as seen in Stone's Glossary covering Arms and Armor pages 156 - 157. Almost certainly brought back to England in the Victorian era as a British Trooper's souvenir of his service on the Colonial frontier.

This example measuring 34" in overall length and having an 8 wide cutting edge of hand wrought iron is mounted an its original wooden shaft with brass mounts. Not a weapon one wants to encounter of a dark night anywhere in British India over 120 years ago.

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