Original 19th Century Japanese Type 18 Murata Rifle Bayonet with Leather Scabbard

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available: The Murata rifle (村田銃 Murata jyū) was was designed by Major Murata Tsuneyoshi, and was the first locally produced Japanese service rifle. It was adopted in 1880 as the Meiji Type 13 Murata single-shot rifle. The 13 referred to the adoption date, the year 13 in the Meiji period according to the Japanese calendar, and these were marked 十三 (juu-san / 13) on the receiver. This was Japan's initial breech loading Rifle completely designed and manufactured since opening its borders to the Western World in the Victorian era. Superficial improvements such as components, bayonet lugs, and minor configurations led to the redesignation of the Type 13 to the Type 18 rifle in 1885, and these were marked 十八 (juu-hachi / 18) on the receiver instead.

Due to the changes in the bayonet lug and mounting system, the type 13 bayonet would not fit on the revised model, resulting in the type 18 bayonet. At 22 7/8" inches long, it was shorter than the Type 13, but still quite long, with a tapered 18" single edged blade with single fuller to each side. This example comes complete with hooked quillon/stacking hook and Arsenal marking on the cross guard.  The blade is in good condition, though it has been sharpened multiple times, reducing the width somewhat.

The bayonet comes complete with its steel mounted leather scabbard, with the leather showing wear and cracking due to age, with a sizeable wear hole on the edge.

Overall length of bayonet in scabbard 24", fully cleaned and polished, ready to attach to your Murata, and ready for display.

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