Original 19th Century Indonesian Golok Machete with Decorated Handle and Wooden Scabbard

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Original Item: One of a Kind. A golok is a cutting tool, similar to a machete, that comes in many variations and is found throughout the Indonesian archipelago. It is used as an agricultural tool as well as a weapon. The word golok (sometimes misspelled in English as "gollock") is of Indonesian origin, but is also used in Malaysia and (spelled gulok) in the Philippines. Both in Malaysia and in Indonesia, the term is usually interchangeable with the longer and broader parang. In the Sundanese region of West Java it is known as bedog.

This is a nice example, with a 21 1/4" slightly curved heavy blade, which is about 1 1/4" wide at the center, with a single fuller on each side. It is definitely solid, made for chopping through heavy brush. Measuring about 27 1/4 inches overall, the handle is made of carved wood, which is in the shape of some type of animal's head. The grip ferrule is embossed white metal, and there are embossed small decorations tacked into the grip as shown. There is also a bird on one side.

The scabbard is made of two pieces of wood, held together with white metal fittings. Some of these are lightly decorated. One has a hanger ring, though that fittings is also damaged, and loose on the scabbard.

A very nice example of an Indonesian Golok, ready to display!

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