Original 19th Century German Hunting Knife With Trenck's Pandurs Engraved 18th Century Blade

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. This is very attractive Hunting knife with a Stag Horn Grip, brass mounts including an Acorn theme cross guard, almost 12" overall.
The 7" engraved blade is taken from an earlier weapon, most likely long knife, and the length has been reduced somewhat, which has removed the edge of some of the engraving. On each face there is a standing figure of Pandur with a sword and gun, and wearing on his head a colpack (Hungarian Hussar-style hat) with the engraved motto above "Vivat Pandur" , which translates to "Long Live the Pandurs!".

The Pandurs were a skirmisher unit (light infantry) of the Habsburg Monarchy, raised by Baron Franz von der Trenck following a charter issued by Maria Theresa of Austria on 27 February 1741, permitting Trenck to raise a 1,000-strong troop. The unit was largely composed of men enlisted as volunteers from areas of the Kingdom of Slavonia and Slavonian Military Frontier, consisting of ethnic Croats and Serbs. The Pandurs saw military action in Silesia, Bohemia, Bavaria and France. Other similar Pandur units were raised in europe during the 18th and early 19th centuries.

A very nice looking hunting knife from Germanic Europe, with a lovely 18th century engraved blade.

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