Original 19th Century European Double Barrel Combination Percussion Sporting Gun c. 1840

Item Description

Original Item: One of a Kind. This is most interesting as it originates most probably from Germany or France but is marked LONDON on each barrel. The barrels, which are 43" in length are different in configuration in that one is round for it entire length where the other is half octagonal and then half round for a total of also 43". They are also in two different calibers, as well as barrel wall thicknesses, so it may be that one was intended for shot, and the other for ball ammunition. There clearly was a back Sight fitted to one barrel at one time, now absent, which further suggests that this was a combination Shotgun on one side and rifle on the other. Both bores now appear to be smooth. This is a large Sporting gun of "manly proportions", half stocked with brass mounts. The overall length is 58" overall.

It appears that it started life as a FLINTLOCK that was later converted to Percussion. There is evidence of wood alterations to the front of the stock and the escutcheon looks to possibly be made of Silver and depicts what appears to be the Head of an American Native American complete with feathered head dress and a quiver of arrows.

Maybe this was originally meant for trade to the Native population perhaps in the fur trade. The weapon come complete with wood ramrod but missing its brass tip.

Old and looks just great, ready to display over the mantle piece.


Year of Manufacture: c.1840
Caliber: 0.67" (right barrel) and 0.59" (left barrel)
Cartridge Type: Ball and Powder
Barrel Length: 43 Inches

Overall Length: 58 1/2 Inches
Action type: Side Action Percussion Locks
Feed System: Muzzle Loading

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