Original 19th Century Crude Iron Central African War Axe circa 1850

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Central Africa was the last area to be "tamed and Colonized" by the European Powers. For years maps showed great areas of this continent as "UNKNOWN" and "UNEXPLORED." In Victorian times great quantities of Explorers ventured into this hinterland seeking fame and fortune in the "Dark Continent". Sometimes they came to sticky ends as the Natives were often restless and deadly.

This is a Central African War Axe, probably from the Belgian Congo. It has a very interesting design and could be applied in many horrible ways on any poor victim. These were also a favorite for the British Troops on Campaign to bring home to their families as souvenirs. This example measures 20" to tip to toe. It has a rudimentary wood handle bound in twisted wire, which was then covered with some kind of glue or resin. The 15 inch long blade looks almost like a large set of pincers! It is covered in rust staining as found, and is decorated in primitive engravings, clearly native made. We were told the principal use of this style was for beheadings. You only have to look at it and it makes you shudder.

A fascinating weapon perhaps approaching 150-170 years old, ready to display!

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