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Original 19th Century Arabian Jambiya Dagger with Decorated Silver Hilt and Tooled Leather Scabbard

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Original Item: Only One Available. Jambiya, also spelled janbia, janbiya, and jambia (Arabic: جنبية‎ janbīyah), is the Arabic term for dagger, but it is generally used to describe a specific type of dagger with a short curved blade. The term jambiya is used in various Arab countries and India, it is closely associated with the people of Yemen and is prevalent among Muslim men in the Horn of Africa (primarily the Afars of Djibouti).

If you look at original photographs of LAWRENCE OF ARABIA in his traditional Arab robes, this is exactly the type of ARAB Dagger Captain T.E. Lawrence carried in his waist band. This is the Classic Arab Dagger of the Sinai and great deserts of the Middle East that stretch all the way down to Yemen and the Oman on the Indian Ocean. 

This example is fitted with a very attractive Silver-covered hilt, heavily worked and decorated with tiny silver studs. The curved blade with central raised rib is about 7" in length and the dagger is 12" in length overall. It comes complete with its original heavily tooled leather Scabbard. Clearly this dagger was owned by a rich man perhaps one of the Arab Chieftains of that period.

Almost certainly a War Trophy brought back from the Desert Campaign during WWI. by some soldier so he could relate his brave deeds of battle to his Grand Children.

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