Original 19th & 20th Century Lot of 5 European Swords and Bayonets - Various Countries

Item Description

Original Item: One Set of 5 Available. We just received these out of an old collection, untouched for years. As with any collection, there were some items that stood out, and others that were purchased as "projects", either due to condition, or because they were in want of a scabbard. All of these are original items, in varying condition, all offered without their original correct scabbards. They are offered as is, and many are still coated in the original arsenal grease.

This set consists of:

- One British P-1876 Martini-Henry Socket Bayonet for the Mark I, II, and III Martini-Henry .577/.450 Rifles. WD Marked with no Nepalese markings. Blade length is 21 1/2" with an overall length of 25".

- One Austrian-Made Portuguese M1885 Sword Bayonet for the 8 mm. M1886 Kropatshek rifle (Espingarda de Infantaria 8 mm. m/1886) with scabbard. The spine of the blade is marked Steyr 1886. Blade length is 18 1/2" with an overall length of 23 1/2".

- One German Empire period Bavarian Nickel-Plated Dress sword, with a decorative fold-away guard and "gutta percha" composite handle. The guard bears the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Bavaria. No markings we can see except for M on the ricasso. Blade length is 32 1/2" with an overall length of 38".

- One European Continental Pipe-backed (Quill Back) Saber, with a heavy steel guard and wood handle. Possibly made for the South American Export market. No markings we can see except for MA on the ricasso. Blade length is 33 1/2" with an overall length of 40".

- One European Continental Nickel-Plated Dress sword, with a simple guard and a ray skin covered wire-wrapped handle. Possibly made for the South American Export market. No markings we can see. Blade length is 28 3/4" with an overall length of 34 1/2". Comes with steel scabbard.

This is a great chance to pick up some classic looking swords at a very attractive price. Ready to research and add to your collection, or maybe to help you start one!

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