Original 19th & 20th Century Lot of 5 Edged Weapons - Various Countries and Styles

Item Description

Original Item: One Set of 5 Available. We just received these out of an old collection, untouched for years. As with any collection, there were some items that stood out, and others that were purchased as "projects", either due to condition, or because they were in want of a scabbard. All of these are original items, in varying condition, all offered without their original correct scabbards. They are offered as is, and many are still coated in the original arsenal grease. Some of these we were not able to get a positive identification of, but we will try to give those a basic description.

This set consists of:

- One Original U.S. Naval M-1870 Brass Hilted Yataghan Bayonet for the Remington Rolling Block Rifle, with Scabbard. This is most likely a reproduction hilt and scabbard mounted to an original blade, as produced by IMA some years ago. Measures 24 3/4 with a 20 inch blade.

- One Chinese late 19th - early 20th century officers sword with scabbard. Looks to have a nickel or chrome plated blade, with a plum blossom insignia on the back of the handle. Measures 31 inches long with a 25 1/2 inch blade.

- One Original U.S. Model 1852 Naval Officer's Sword with etched blade and stingray skin grip. Measures 33 3/4 inches long with a 27 3/4 inch long blade.

- One French brass hilted short sword made with a cut down blade from a Model 1822 Cavalry Saber or similar. Measures 34 3/4 with a 21 inch blade.

- One Throwing Spear, possibly African, with an interesting head with opposed barbs 90 degrees off from one another. Measures 53 1/2 inches long with an 11 inch long spearhead.

This is a great chance to pick up some very interesting swords at a very attractive price. Ready to add to your collection, or maybe to help you start one!

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