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Original 19h Century Moro Kris Short Sword with Scabbard from the Phillipine-American War

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Original Item: One Only.This excellent kris sword was almost certainly brought back to the United States by a U.S. Soldier after the Philippine-American War of 1899 - 1902, in which the Moro tribe rebelled against American rule. The insurrection had been going on since the early 1890s, when the Spanish still claimed the Philippines as their Colony. However, after their defeat by the United States in the Spanish American War, the Philippine islands were ceded to the U.S.. Most of the Moro tribe actually continued the struggle until their final defeat in 1913. The final death toll had reached close to 250,000 Philippine natives who lost their lives.

This Short Sword of o traditional Kris style which through the East Indies usually referred to an exotic dagger however only in the Philippines did it develop into a Sword.

This short sword is made in the traditional Kris (Kalis) style and form with scabbard. The basic design is the same throughout the area, but only in the Philippine Islands did it evolve into a sword. This example dates to the 1880/1895 period, and has a 24" slightly wavy double edged blade. It is almost 2" wide at its widest point, with a single central fuller running down each side. The grip is bound in cord and the off-set pommel is decorated with Mother of Pearl sections. It comes contained in it's original wood scabbard nicely bound with bamboo. See Stone's "Glossary " page 390 to see various styles of these Philippine Moro Swords. From that reference this particular sword may have originated in MINDANAO.

Some slight loss to the bamboo Scabbard bindings, otherwise in excellent condition and ready to display.

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