Original 1941 U.S. WWII Dodge WC27 Half-Ton 4x4 Ambulance from The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force

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Original Item: Only One Available. A stunning rare original WC 27, 1/2 ton, 4×4 Dodge Ambulance (G505) T-215. This amazing piece of WW2 history was originally acquired from the Wright Patterson Museum (National Museum of the USAF)!

This December 1941 produced Ambulance comes in perfect running condition, having been expertly restored over the past few years. The interior is simply stunning; the exterior has signs of age but is free from all but minor paint imperfections and some small spots of surface rust. Mechanically it is totally reliable and sound but the very best part is the interior offered with a slew original accessories including three wartime cots, correct fold down benches, a M1 Medic’s helmet, original wartime red cross flags, blankets, foot lockers and more. Open the rear doors and you feel like you just stepped back in time.

The WC27 entered production during 1941 to early 1942 the WC-27 was specifically designed to serve as a military ambulance (WC9, & WC18 being the prior incarnations). Fewer than 5000 WC27’s were produced. These early variants are distinguishable from the later ones by having a curved radiator grille, while the later ones (WC51 onwards) featured a flat grille.

At the war's outbreak, the Dodge Model WC27 half-ton box van was the standard field ambulance (virtually indistinguishable from the WC9 or the WC18, also still in-service). Production of the upgraded 3/4-ton WC54 began in 1942 with many more made than the earlier versions.

All members of the WC line were rugged, dependable, go-anywhere, all-wheel drive trucks; and the ambulances were no exception. But being ambulances, they had two features not shared by others in the line: a smoother riding suspension system and an interior heater.

Unlike today, very little medical care was administered inside these ambulances. Care was given before patients were loaded and after they were removed, but usually not while aboard. The function of the ambulance was almost exclusively to transport the wounded from here to there. Ambulance crews consisted of a driver and an attendant. While the attendant was expected to render urgent care when needed, his purpose was really to hold the other end of the litter.

The ambulances were conspicuously marked for their purpose with large white squares containing large red crosses. The design of the Red Cross markings were spelled out in the Geneva Convention and were often called "Geneva Crosses." Even so, ambulances did not always escape drawing fire. As front line vehicles in Europe and North Africa, they were often strafed or otherwise fired upon. In the Pacific Theater, concealment was more desirable than conspicuity so the stark white markings were toned down or eliminated altogether.

Further information on the dodge WC series can be found at this link-

Specifications of this particular WC 27 are as follows-

• Production Date: 12/2/1941
• Hood # W76344
• Engine Code – T214 (1945 rebuild tag on right side of block).
• 6 volt (positive ground).
• 7x16 non-directional mounted on dated split rims with rear wheels being held on with studs & nuts to allow for dual wheels.
• 11 inch front and 14 inch rear brakes.
• New speedometer cable.
• New water pump.
• New brake master cylinder and brake switch
• Driver’s & co-diver seats fully restored using custom leather (thanks to Beachwood Canavs) foam cushion inserts (still have original springs & dated good year foam).
• Brakes lines (steel), front brake hoses, front knuckle seals.
• New spare tire.
• New front windshield glass & seal.
• New front door glass (left & right) including vent windows.
• New horn wiring and button (horn & horn bracket missing).
• New outer tie rod ends left & right.
• New steering arm seals.
• T214 engine was found in the ¾ ton wc54 ambulance, since the engines where nearly identical to the T215’s and more come later in the war they were commonly used as replacement to the T215 as was done to this vehicle in 1945.
• All gauges are functional, head lamps, service lamp & service stop as well.
• Interior dome lamps are functional.
• Original interior insulation (dated cardboard) intact.
• The vehicle is in need of a wiring harness (available from Joe Hall of Vintage Wiring of Maine this would solve any non-functioning electrical component problems (heater, defroster, dash lamps).

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