Original 18th Century Persian Wootz Steel Shamshir Sabre with Silver Inlaid Scabbard - c.1750/1800

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a CLASSIC, straight out of "THE ARABIAN NIGHTS"! A shamshir (Persian: شمشیر‬‎) is a type of Persian sword with a radical curve. The name is derived from shamshīr, which means "sword" (in general). The curved sword family includes the shamshir, scimitar, talwar, kilij, pulwar and sabre.

Persians are descended from the great civilizations of South West Asia, the Meads and the Hittites of Biblical fame. Today Persia is known as Iran, however since the the time of the ancient Greeks, the Persians dominated the region right up until the Turkish Ottoman Empire became dominant. Persians are NOT Arabs. It was the Persians who invaded India, as its MOGUL rulers like the other countries of the region are ISLAMIC. Persian Warriors wore armor and helmets known as KULAH KHUDS and carried razor sharp SHAMSHIR Swords.

Here we offer an original late 1800th Century Persian Shamshir Sword fitted with a 31" curved WOOTZ/DAMASCUS steel blade bearing a very crisp Armorer's Mark. Wootz steel is a laminated steel made using a crucible, and is typical for the Indo-Persian region. The blade is 2" wide at it's broadest point and would have been sharpened like a cut-throat razor. This is just the type of sword SALADIN of the Crusades would have carried (while wearing his spiked KULAH KHUD helmet).

The saber has a wood grip mounted in brass with brass wire binding and a steel cross guard. It is contained in its original steel scabbard partially covered in thin brown leather, the steel mounts of which are covered in Silver inlays, today very tarnished but could take a good shining, no doubt.

A romantic example of a classical historical SHAMSHIR ready to display.
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