Original 18th Century Indo-Persian Pesh-kabz Rock Crystal Hilted Dagger Purchased by Shirley Temple in 1963

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Original Item: One of a Kind. We have had several of these Indo-Persian Pesh-kabz daggers over the years, but this one definitely reigns SUPREME over all of them, both in quality and definitely in provenance!

The pesh-kabz or peshkabz (Persian: پیش قبض‎, Hindi: पेश क़ब्ज़) is a type of Indo-Persian knife designed to penetrate mail armour and other types of armor. The word is also spelled pesh-quabz or pish-ghabz and means "fore-grip" in the Persian language; it was borrowed into the Hindustani language. Originally from Iran, it is now widespread in Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern India.  It is possible that this is a chura, a smaller version pesh-kabz dagger, specifically used by the Mahsud clan of the Pashtun Khyber tribe. Aside from size, they are identical.

This example originating from Northern India is amazing, from the 18th Century, and fitted with a spectacular ROCK CRYSTAL bag shaped CLEAR grip. The grip has a couple of original inclusions and cracks in the Crystal, just as it was originally mined. The blade is hollow-ground WOOTZ DAMASCUS steel, a laminated crucible steel with a beautiful swirled grain pattern. The dagger measures 10 1/2" in length with an overall length of 14 1/2". The mounting where the blade fits to the Rock Crystal grip is gilt brass. This breath taking dagger comes in its original velvet covered leather scabbard with GOLD washed mounts over silver or brass. The weapon is just spectacular!

With this dagger comes a copy of the original Invoice from the INTERNATIONAL STUDIO ART DIVISION of THE HEARST CORPORATION 959 Eighth Street, NEW YORK dated MAY 21ST. 1963 showing this item (# 3507) as being sold, together with several other items to:-

MRS. CHARLES A BLACK, of 115 Lakeview Drive, Woodside, California. Mrs Charles A. Black was the married name of the Movie Star later U.S. Ambassador SHIRLEY TEMPLE, a picture of whom is included with this offering.

Great Provenance for a great item, ready to display!

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