Original 18th Century Explosive Iron Mortar Ball with Lifting Rings

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Original Item: Only One Available. Most likely this is British, it came from our purchase from Nepal in 2003. This is a highly unusual projectile- being a hollow iron ball over 9" in diameter with about a 1" diameter hole in the top allowing access to the hollow interior.

On either side of this hole are two integral "Loops" or "Rings which were used to attach hooks from a small crane that would lift the iron ball stuffed with explosives and place it into the mouth of the mortar. The hole would be plugged and maybe even a fuse attached before firing from the Mortar. Once fired the ball would climb to a great altitude and fall onto the desired Enemy position whereupon the ball would explode killing everything in the immediate vicinity- a devasting weapon.

Explosive (hollow) Cannon Balls are extremely rare and desirable, explosive Mortar Balls are even harder to find especially with the lifting rings still in place. Very heavy, not something you can slip into a carrier bag. Rusted patina finish overall just as we discovered it!

9" diameter, Circa 1770-1800

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