Original 18th Century British Flintlock Dragoon Pistol- Post 1765

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is an honest example of the standard British 12' Barrel Dragoon Pistol first introduced in 1730 and continued up into the 1780s. The earliest examples had the Gun Maker's name engraved across the tail of the lock with the year of manufacture beneath it.

In the early 1760s the dating of the locks of both Brown Bess Muskets and Pistols was discontinued and the word TOWER" being the principal authority, was substituted.

As time passed the style of the Dragoon pistols became much more bland, without ears to the butt cap and the adoption of a 10" barrel by the time the Napoleonic Wars started in the 1790s.

This was the style that was in use during the American War of Independence. A very elegant pistol with all brass mounts, the lock being marked "Crown" over "G.R." with "TOWER" across the tail so this particular pistol dates after about 1765.

Barrel and lock has some old staining from pitting but proof marks are still quite clear. An old repair to the rear trigger guard arm and the ramrod may be an old replacement but certainly has been in place for many years.

A very hard pistol to find and ready to display.

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