Original 18th Century Arabian Nimcha Sword with European Style Blade

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This style of sword, known as a NIMCHA, quickly spread all over the Arab world starting in the 17th Century. We believe this example to be made in the 1700s using an older European very good quality spring steel blade featuring three slim and two broad fullers down each side. The 32" long blade culminates in a wicked unfullered "Hatchet" point. Unfortunately we can not find an Armorer's mark on the blade, maybe it is under the hilt, but you can feel the metal quality once running your hand down the blade to evidence its smooth even and not undulating finish.

The sword is 37 inches long overall, and has a typical Arabic design wood hilt covered in silver sheeting with decorative banding, and a "hooked" pommel. The minimal cross guard is brass. The Scabbard is made of Wood with a leather covering, now somewhat deteriorated due to age on the rear. Both top and bottom mounts to the Scabbard are again of silver sheeting with embossed decorated designs to the front.

Certainly originating in the Ottoman dominated Arab World, utilizing a most interesting blade almost certainly from the 1600s.

More information on the NIMCHA sword:

A Nimcha is a single-handed sword from northwestern Africa, especially Morocco and the western part of Algeria, a type of scimitar or saif. These blades are usually from the late 18th century onwards and are notable for often using older blades. With this variety of possible blade designs nimcha are distinct with the hilts that sport forward pointing quillions, and wooden handles with squared off "hooked" pommels.
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