Original 1897 Blickensdefer No 7 Portable Typewriter in Original Wood Case - Clandestine Issue

Item Description

Original Item: Original Item. Interestingly this appeared in a charitable benefit auction in Virginia and had reputedly originated from a Government clandestine department, the donor having inherited the machine from a long deceased relative who was a member of that organization.

This is fascinating, it is an extremely lightweight portable typewriter made in Connecticut by BLICKENSDERFER in 1897 and is known as the No 7. Apart from being as old as the hills, in typewriter terms, it uses the DHIATENSOR key system that is easier and faster to type with than the QWERTY system in use today. This model was the cutting edge in 1897 and featured a unique cylinder print head that could be easily interchanged to use other typefaces.

This particular example has yellow keys that were produced in far less numbers then black keys making it exceptional rare, especially considering that the case and manual are also intact.

Offered in remarkably good condition, no doubt have been kept in secure storage for many years it even comes with the original user manual

A fascinating item of early technology untested by us but appears sound and makes a wonderful addition to your "covert operations" display.

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