Original 1864 Experimental Snider Rifle with Loaded Chamber Indicator

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is ab amazing item from our 2003 purchase from the old palace of Lagan Silikhana in Kathmandu Nepal. This is a Nepalese Snider .577 cal rifle with the early model breechblock and a very unique and rare loaded chamber indicator on the barrel tang.

The rifle bears no markings other than Nepalese arsenal markings. The indicator when in the rear position indicates that there is a cartridge in the chamber, in the forward position the chamber is empty. The firing pin housing on the top of the breechblock has an oblong window cut in it so one can see the position of the firing pin spring.

The Nepalese with much military aid from England had developed quality arsenal manufacturing techniques by the 1870s and this is clearly an experimental rifle produced at the end of Nepal's use of the Snider as a front line weapon in 1878 when they made the first Francotte-Martini Rifles that were quickly followed by the Westley Richards inspired Gahendra-Martini rifle.

All Nepalese production of Martini and Gahendra Rifles was halted in 1894 with the British delivery of thousands of Martini-Henry Mk II Rifles followed by Mark IV rifles, which concluded in 1908.

In 1912 at the insistence of King George V Nepal was issued with the latest P-1903 SMLE Rifles as carried by all British troops in World War One.

A fine Nepalese experimental Snider Rifle with loaded chamber indicator, exceptionally rare, one only known to exist.

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