Original 17th Century Scottish Single-Edge Dagger - dated 1680

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Original Item: Only One Available. To be frank this dagger could have originated just about anywhere, but by tradition it was said top have been unearthed near the battle field of CULLODEN, where the British troops under the Duke of Cumberland routed the Scottish efforts to put Bonnie Prince Charlie onto the English throne.

With an interesting blade, triangular in outline, the spine has been decoratively sculpted and there is a trace of what is probably brass inlay on one side of the blade. The hilt is a hexagonal tapering wood in cross section fitted with a brass washer style pommel disk. This brass disk , secured to the iron tang of the blade in engraved:- W. A. / 1680.

The iron blade is very dark with patina and old rust pits and the very mature wood grip does show a couple of age cracks however the dagger shows a lot of romance and perhaps took part in England's last land battle, which cemented the the House of Hanover and the Royal family England enjoys today.

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